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As both a filmmaker and actress, I have the unique advantage of coaching from in front of and behind the camera. I've studied Meisner & Alexander techniques and have worked in Film, TV, Voice Over and Commercials. My niche is getting actors to sound and act like themselves - to be real, natural, conversational human beings.


Whether you have an audition to work on or need Industry Advice, or Materials Review, we can cover it all!  

If you need help filming your audition or recording your VO,  I do that too. I have a full professional set up in my home in the Valley. You can choose to coach with me beforehand or simply use the technical services. 

Self Taping:

4k Footage 

Sound Editing

Video Editing 

Quick turnarounds 

VO Booth:

Rode NT1-A Mic 

Acoustic Padded Room 

MP3 Editing  

With my experience as an actor, agent assistant, casting assistant, and producer, I've learned what makes a great photo - YOU! During my  branding & marketing sessions, we'll analyze ALL your current materials, get clear on your career goals, and create looks and characters that fit your exact needs. From headshots to social media to agency emails, we'll go over it all!

We touch on reels here but I recommend continuing on for Part II: Reels, where we focus or curating the perfect reel

for you!

Here I will help create, write, and coach custom scenes for your acting demo reel. We can tweak your current footage or work on creating all new material. This works best after a branding & marketing session so we know which specific characters and genres you should be focusing on, but can be offered as a solo service.

You can also opt to have me professionally produce these scenes into a high-quality demo reel (rates based on budget).

Click below for a sizzle of recent actor reels!

COACHING & consultations


BRANDing &

PART I (headshots)


Branding & Marketing

PART II (Reels)

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