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Ladies Above the Line

There is an immediate need for content made by women, about women, for everyone. 

Ladies Above the Line fills that need.

We are a filmmaking community that creates diverse, female-driven content.

Every position above the industry line is filled by a women, person of color, or LGBTQIA+.

We share, promote, and reach out through our Facebook page @LadiesAbovetheLine

Village of the Gramned

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Bedtime Story

A selfie taker at a party learns just how deadly social media can be!


Through the whimsy of a Bedtime Story and the imagination of a child, a loving mother transports her daughter to a fantastical place more real than fiction. 

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No Hablo Español

Hilarity ensues when a neighbor mistakes a woman of color for a Spanish speaker. 

There's No Word For Us

Yallah Habibi

Screen Shot 2020-01-05 at 8.10.00 PM.png

A short film drama, about a family struggling to cope with irreparable loss after a school shooting.

Me Time


An unconventional Middle Eastern family run a restaurant balancing life, family, and food. 

Me time.jpg

Two friends discuss going to a party but one of those friends gives a little T.M.I while revealing her plans. 

Two ladies become the unlikeliest of friends meeting through a cancer support group. 

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Facebook Party

A party becomes a live version of the very real characters that live in your Facebook feed. 

Production Manager 

Save the Arts PSA


This PSA portrays how important the National Endowment of the Arts is to our everyday lives. 

In addition to Television and Film, I have worked as a Production Manager and Assistant Director on Music Videos, Social Media Advertisements, and Live Events.

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True Detective
Saloni Campaign
Toyota Latin Billboards Awards
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