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Hey there, I'm Joanna!

I'm a Hispanic Filmmaker and Actress of Native and Spanish descent. I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas and now live in Los Angeles, California. My professional journey in the entertainment industry started in 2009, fueled by my deep-rooted passion for addressing the lack of diversity and inclusion in Film and TV. 


Drawing from my cultural upbringing, my vision is a heartfelt effort to authentically reflect the people and stories I grew up with. My career has included working on projects that have made significant strides in representation like Hulu's Prey, Paramount's 1883, and Disney's National Treasure Series.   

I've been able to contribute to the change I've wanted to see in front of and behind the camera by Co-Creating a female filmmaking community called Ladies Above the Line, working as a Freelance Producer, and starting a Branding and Marketing business called Materials Makeover. 

Join me on my cinematic journey as I continue to break barriers, celebrate diversity, and make my mark on the world of entertainment!  

"The City Girl with a Country Heart"

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