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     Hey, I'm Joanna! I'm a Hispanic filmmaker and actress of Native and Spanish descent born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. I moved to Los Angeles with my husband in 2009 and immediately felt at home. In LA, I found like-minded peers and a filmmaking community to help me grow in my career. 

    As a filmmaker, I can create the stories I've always thought of and as an actress, I can portray the people that I wanted to see on TV growing up. I've been making movies since I was a child with a hand-held VHS camcorder, using my brother and sisters as my actors. I'm sure they're happy I've found willing participants elsewhere. 

   Since moving to LA, I've helped to create a platform for female filmmakers called Ladies Above the Line. We develop original content driven by women and people of color and hope to be the change we all want to see in front of and behind the camera. 

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